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About Pas Awards

PAS Awards is a non-commercial initiative that honours ‘creativity, ideas and strategies that work’ i.e. recognizing the most effective pieces of marketing communications and advertising campaigns.

Initiated in 2011 and structured on world class standard, winning the PAS Award is a symbol of achievement. It is about meeting a challenge and succeeding, whereby clients and agencies demonstrate a partnership in the creation, management and building up of a brand. You will see amazing insights, innovative ideas and superb execution and on the way you meet hundreds of finest industry professionals that pursue excellence and have a desire of being their best in all what they do.

It is dedicated to mission-driven socially-conscious organizations and passionate and brilliant professionals seeking new and effective ways for communicating with their consumers. It is also about building long lasting relationships with your clients and agencies and learning and exploring partnership with your counterparts across markets that help you advance your business.