PAS Awards recognizes the most effective piece of marketing and advertising communications.

Winning the PAS Award is about meeting a challenge and succeeding. Clients and agencies must enter as a team to showcase the great work they have produced.

This year, PAS Awards is accepting submissions ONLINE ONLY.

We recommend registering yourself now, so you can familiarize yourself with the requirements and information you need to complete there.


Efforts executed between 1st January to 31st December 2016 in Pakistan.

Essential Downloads
  1. Sample Entry Forms
  2. Checklist
  3. Authorization Forms (Regular and Special Categories)
  4. Authorization Forms (Top Brand)

Entry Kit is the most essential document if you want to make an effective entry. We advise all our entrants to review it carefully. It has all the guidelines including eligibility criterion, how to enter, checklist, crafting the entry form, making of the show reel, how we judge, do’s and don’ts, category details, etc.

Note: To make a successful submission, Entry Kit should be your starting point.
Choosing a Category for your entry

Entrants can choose the below categories and sub-categories to submit their campaigns. Please ensure that you read the description of the categories/sub-categories before submitting your campaign.

Note: Please note that the PAS Awards Secretariat reserves the right to re-categorize entries and split/redefine categories any time as it feels appropriate.
Entering Multiple Categories

A campaign entered in a regular category maybe submitted in one or more Special Categories. However, you will need to complete a separate entry form and upload a separate set of creative samples and pay the entry fee for the additional category as per the ‘entry fee’ policy under ‘Fees and Payment’ section in the Entry Kit.

Agriculture & Related Industry

Fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, poultry farms and other related product and services

Automotive, Transport and Petroleum

Automobile manufacturers, airlines, railways, Petroleum companies, CNG, lubricants and allied industries.

Banking and Financial Services

Corporate and consumer product and services

Beverages – Cold

Soft drinks, juices, flavoured milk, energy drinks, bottled and sparkling water, etc.

Beverages – Hot

Tea, coffee, etc.

Construction, Real Estate & Allied Industry

Residential and commercial projects, cement, steel, engineering, tiles, sanitary, etc.

Foods & Dairy

Bread, butter, jam, honey, milk (liquid and powder), nutritional foods and supplements, frozen foods, soups, ready to eat meals, etc.

Confectionery & Snacks

Chips, biscuits, chocolates, sweets, candies, chewing gums, peanuts, etc.

Cosmetics & Personal Care (men, women and children)

Hair care, soaps, skin care, baby care products, face wash, hair removing creams, shower gels, talcum powder, perfumes, beauty parlours, etc.


Oil and fats, pickles, spices, ketchup, etc.

Fabric, Home Care & Furnishings

Detergent powders and laundry soaps, fabric softeners, surface cleaners, disinfectants, insecticides, dish washing, carpet, paint, home décor, etc

Hospitals, Health Care & Hygiene

Hospitals, Sanitary Napkins, Oral Care, OTC, diagnostics, surgical replacements, vaccinations, and fitness centre, etc.

Hotels, Fast Foods & Restaurants

Cafés, restaurants, hotels and related services.

Ice cream & Desserts

Ice cream, frozen desserts, custard and jelly, etc.


TV Channels, publishing houses, radio stations, etc.

Publics Service & CSR

Government and ministries, Armed Forces, NGO’s, Charity organizations, Federations and Associations, CSR, etc.

Telecommunication Hardware and Consumer Electronics

Handset manufacturers, kitchen and home appliances, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, computer hardware, etc.

Telecommunication Service Providers

GSM, telephone service providers and related services.

Textile, Fashion and Accessories

Branded and designer wear, clothing and fabric, footwear, fashion retail outlets, etc.

All Others

  • Art, Culture and Entertainment
  • Delivery systems (product and services)
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Education
  • Events and Festivals
  • General Service Industry (Security systems, showrooms, etc.)
  • Office products, services and furnishings

To enter in the special categories, the campaign can be a standalone effort or part of an integrated campaign.

Please ensure that a separate entry form is filled that answers the specific need of that particular special category. Also, if the submission is part of an integrated campaign, the results section should only and clearly state numbers that are contributed by that particular effort and not the results achieved from the entire campaign.


This award celebrates brands that are making the world a better place by using the power of their platforms for “good.” i.e. any effort by a commercial entity that sets out to give back in some way for the greater good is eligible to enter.

Winning efforts will represent Non-CSR campaigns that most effectively combined business goals with a social cause and successfully related that cause back to the company’s overall brand strategy, resulting in positive business and social impact.

The communication effort could be an effort to expand an existing program in ways that benefit our society, our country or our planet.

  • Marketing communications that focused on social causes (health, education, community, family, entrepreneurship, etc.) are eligible.
  • When entering, entrants must provide information on the intent-to-do-good goals and business goals for the effort and the results achieved for both.
  • How the Social Good initiative related back to the overall brand strategy. Why was this initiative selected and why was it the right fit for the brand?

Corporate Campaigns

This category is for communications that promote corporations, not exclusively their products. It can also include image and identity campaigns.

In addition to presenting metrics related to the reputation, entrants are encouraged to also address how these metrics relate to the business of the brand and why they are important.

media innovation

“Changing the rules to maximize impact” – The entry that shows a campaign has gone beyond the conventional approach of using traditional media to grab its target, and effectively engage with them. The work must represent new and creative usage of the media channels as we know them, or have not yet met.

Entry can be made for the efforts that are:

  • Creative driven – a campaign that shows insight and creativity and has gone beyond the conventional approach to grab its target, and effectively engage with them.
  • Media driven – partnerships between a brand working with a single media owner to create and activate a strategic, multi-touch point experience with their audience.
  • Content Led
  • Data Driven Insights

Whether the effort was one execution or multiple, and/or has used one engagement channel or multiple, qualify to enter.

All entries must specifically address what was innovative and how it contributed to achieve the desired results. Provide clear articulation of how the media was used innovatively.

Best in digital

The entry that showcases the most effective digital ad campaign using any one or a combination of digital platforms including viral, social media, mircrosites, blogs, website, apps, gamification, online content delivery portals etc.

The entry may be part of the overall 360 degree campaign of your brand or a standalone marketing effort.  Results will be judged against metrics that best indicates advertising effectiveness in digital media platform.

Best in BTL

Any marketing effort that used BTL activity in a creative manner to engage consumers and generate positive results.

The effort could be short-term one-off event or execution of multiple programmes or part of an integrated campaign that clearly indicate all parameters used to augment customer involvement and participation.

Best in PR

Campaigns that have a PR idea at their heart! The kind of idea that sets out with the explicit purpose to get the media talking or involve consumers in a tangible  experience that delivers on the brand’s positioning or business objectives.

Judges will be looking for campaigns that begin with a PR idea, as opposed to marketing or integrated campaigns with a PR element. They’ll need a clear rationale for why PR was the right way to tackle the clients brief, and evidence of how the PR activity measurably and materially drove commercial result. Strength of proof will rely on demonstrating the link between this activity and how it has shifted consumer perceptions and behavior in a way that has tangibly driven business effect.

passion for pakistan

A campaign or marketing effort that reflects passion for Pakistan and is used to significantly improve the image of the country; not including CSRs.

Category will award best creative idea that enhances the image of Pakistan in a unique and compelling way that also integrates with your product/service/brand.

Note: Feature Film/Movies, Stand-alone/annual Events and Trade Shows are not eligible to enter.

platform award

Entries in the category will be judged on creativity and alignment with the overall campaign objectives, target audience and brand positioning.

It includes the following sub-categories:

  • Best in TV
  • Best in Print
  • Best in Radio
  • Best in Out-of-Home

season’s special

A campaign or an effort, single or multiple medium that effectively capitalised on a season, holiday or cultural event – key moments in the Pakistan annual calendar – to drive results for their business in a unique and compelling way that also integrates with your product/service/brand will be awarded in this category. Examples of key seasons and events are Eid, Ramazan, Christmas, Independence Day, Basant, Diwali/Holi, Easter, Mother’s/Father’s/Valentine’s Day, etc.


The one BIG campaign that has out-shined across all the categories and serves as a benchmark for outstanding work and efforts that has delivered on all fronts.

To compete for the Campaign of the Year Award, the entry must be submitted in the Regular Category.


A campaign conceptualized and developed locally; not adapted from global/regional concept that shows exceptional idea, execution and effectiveness.

All locally developed entries that are submitted in Regular Categories automatically qualify for the Best Nationally Originated Campaign Award.


This Award will acknowledge the Brand that, through its product proposition and marketing and advertising efforts, has been successful in delivering its brand vision, mission and objective with sustainability and measured growth that has benefited the company and its stakeholders.

Brands that have succeeded in showing ‘purpose’ and the value that it adds in its consumer’s life will score extra on the scale.

Eligibility: For Top Brand any local or international brands that have been marketed in Pakistan for at least 3 years as of December 31, 2016 are eligible to enter.
  • The show reel should only showcase the creative execution of the campaign i.e. TVC/s, Print Ad, Outdoor Creatives, Digital executions, BTL Activation, etc. where applicable.
  • Communication show reel should not be an audio visual presentation of your written case material.
  • Executions should be shown as they ran in the market place during the eligibility period with clear distinction from each of the executions.
  • Include at least one example of each of the communications touch points that was integral to the success of the campaign and mentioned in your written case.
  • Showcase complete commercials or marketing efforts except where editing is necessary due to 3 min time constraint.
  • Use of voiceover, images, text, music etc. is allowed to strengthen your case.
Time Duration of the Show Reel : 3mins (max) for all categories.

5mins (max) for Top Brand 2016.

Specific Guidelines

Top Brand category: Show-reel to include all the significant communication efforts and its touch points that were executed throughout the year and that were crucial to the success of the overall effort.

Best in Print & Radio category: Show reel should include the entire print campaign. However, we also advise you to courier the campaign that is well mounted for the judges to see it up close.

Best in Radio category: You may just submit audio clips of your campaign in the communication show reel.

Technical Specs: One high quality/resolution in .WMV/MP3/MP4/MPEG format. Size to not exceed more than 100MB.

Disqualification: Communication reels showing agency names/logos/personnel pictures or interviews will be disqualified.
Note: Creative material becomes the property of PAS and will not be returned. If you are a winner, the video will be featured in the winner showcase on the website forever and be used for other purposes including, but not limited to, the gala, a winner reel, a conference, etc.

Authorization form is required with the submitted case as a declaration that the information given is true and accurate. It also affirms that all the parties, clients and agencies, have agreed to participate. Authorization form has to be signed either by the Chairman, CEO, President, COO, CMO or the Director Marketing of the client and the agency making the submission.Please note that the ‘Top Brand’ award has a different authorization form.

Download authorization form

With your entry, upload a case image that best represents the essence of your case. This will be used for promotional purposes. This is a pre-requisite.

Note: Please do not send a print ad of your campaign as a Case Image.

All entrants should upload one (1) team photo with the entry form that will be used to recognize the team if you are a winner at the awards show and in other award promotional platforms. Please submit the photo as follows:

  • A single team photo that includes both the client and all the partner agencies with names/designations.
  • Team photos should be submitted as high resolution jpg/jpeg files.
One or more than one campaign submission across any category (regular or special): Rs. 32,500 (+ All Taxes) per entry
Single campaign submission in Multiple categories: Rs. 18,500 (+ All Taxes) for subsequent entries
Submission Fee for Platform Awards Rs. 12,500 (+ All Taxes)
  • Payment is accepted in the form of Pay Order/Cheque in favour of “Pakistan Advertisers Society”.
  • If you require an invoice for processing the entry fee, please contact PAS Award Secretariat or generate through the online portal.
  • Receive a confirmation of receipt of your submission and payment from the Award Secretariat.

Payment to be couriered or hand delivered at the following address:

Pakistan Advertisers Society
Office # 403, 4th Floor, Clifton Diamond
Clifton Block – 4,
Karachi – Pakistan.

Tel: +92 (21) 3583 6072-3

Important: Submissions without correct entry fee will not be accepted.

The following will result in disqualification and entry fee will be forfeited.

  • Agency name, personnel pictures or interviews identifying the agency published in the Entry Form or on the creative materials.
  • Submitting an incomplete Entry Form.
  • Not abiding by any rules mentioned in the Entry Kit.
  • Late Payments.
  • Missed Deadline.
Important: The Awards Secretariat is not responsible for checking submissions for any reasons of disqualification. It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure that the guidelines have been followed.