By the time a PAS Award entry has reached the winners’ circle, it has survived two rounds of evaluation. The lens through which each case is evaluated is effectiveness. PAS jurors seek results with context against challenging goals.

The jury panel comprises of some of the brightest and most experienced panel of experts, specialists and practitioners in the field of marketing, advertising, academia, creative, media and research that have a proven track record of excellence in their area of working.

It is led by the Jury Chair, who is not involved in scoring any entry but monitors and ensures that the judging is fair and transparent and that every jury member performs the task with the highest integrity. The Chair is also the final authority in case conflict or decisions pertaining to disqualification or reclassification of a submission.

Recuse System

Any jury member that may have any kind of direct or indirect affiliation with the campaign or the brand or any of its competitor is not assigned that category or requested to recuse from judging the entire category.

Scoring is done individually and confidentially. The judges’ scores determine which entries will be awarded the trophy.

Strategic Challenge + Objectives 23.33%
Idea 23.33%
Bringing the Idea to Life 23.33%
Results 30.00%

Scoring is done individually and confidentially. The judges’ scores determine which entries will be awarded the trophy.

Note: The above scoring system applies for all the categories other than Passion for Pakistan, Platform Awards and Season’s Special.
Judging Categories on Creative Efforts Only

PAS Awards has a few categories that are judged on creative idea and execution only. No results are required here. These categories are:

  • Passion for Pakistan
  • Platform Award (Best in TV, Print, Radio & OOH)
  • Season’s Special

Judges will evaluate entries based on the most compelling and unique creative idea and execution that leverages any of the above special categories as per their description, showing a strong coalition with the objectives, the target audience and the overall brand philosophy.

The judging takes place in two rounds Screening and Final Round and every entry is reviewed by at least 5 to 7 judges in each round.

Screening Round: Judges review written cases and creative show reels on a stand-alone basis without comparison to other entries in the category. This is followed by a brief discussion after which jurors give individual scores confidentially.

All entries scoring 70% and above are shortlisted, qualifying for the final round.

Final Round: Finalists are judged against other finalists within their category and the top three campaigns/marketing efforts form the nominees and the winner is announced at the PAS Awards event to be held on 15th of April 2017.

Judging Campaign of the Year and Best Nationally Originated Campaign:
These awards represent the single best case entered in a given year.

There will likely be something ‘breakthrough’ about it – whether that be the way a market was re-framed…or an insight that opened new possibilities…or a creative leap that achieved real standout…or the discovery of a new way to engage with an audience…. all with the express purpose and proven capability of delivering outstanding effectiveness.

Only a select number of the highest-scoring winning cases are considered contenders for these award titles.

Note: It is possible that a category may produce no finalists, if no case meets the minimum cut-off for finalist status in that category. Similarly, it is possible to have one or more winners or perhaps no winners at all in a category, depending on whether a case meets the minimum cut-off for each level of award.


  • All jury members in Screening and Final Round sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Jury members are specifically matched with cases that do not prove any kind of conflict of interest.
  • Judges Recuse if they have been involved with the brand or any of its competitor, directly or indirectly, in the last 2 years.
  • The Jury Chair presides over the session and intervenes in case of any conflict.

Judging process is highly confidential, audited by an independent third party
Auditor’s scope includes:

  • Observing jury sessions – pre-screening / final round.
  • Maintaining copies of scoring sheets for validating scoring by PAS Award Secretariat as per defined criteria.
  • Inspection and validation of PAS Awards winner announcement cards.
  • Taking possession of the sealed envelopes till the day of PAS awards event and keeping in safe custody.
  • Handing over the sealed winner announcement envelops to PAS management at the Awards ceremony.
  • Keep it simple: (both video and case), brief, clear and make it interesting to read and view.
  • Remember that judges will not give more than 15mins to your case: To stand out, your case needs to be short, interesting and not omit pertinent facts or leave judges with unanswered questions.
  • Spend time on editing and reviewing your writing: to make it simple and clear rather than spending money on a video laden with unnecessary effects and an overwritten brief. Judges want to see the work on the video not effects created for the video.
  • Many entries may be eliminated on writing alone. You can’t write your way to win if you don’t have results. However, you can write your way out of one.
  • Really think about your Strategic Challenge and Objectives section: Judges will not appreciate retrofitted objectives to results. It should not lack the context necessary to judge why the results you achieved were important and significant.
  • Be honest and talk about the real marketing situation.

For more detailed Advice from the jury CLICK HERE

The following will result in disqualification and entry fee will be forfeited.

  • Agency name, personnel pictures or interviews identifying the agency published in the Entry Form or on the creative materials.
  • Submitting an incomplete Entry Form.
  • Not abiding by any rules mentioned in the Entry Kit.
  • Late Payments.
  • Missed Deadline.
Important: The Awards Secretariat is not responsible for checking submissions for any reasons of disqualification. It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure that the guidelines have been followed.